Borneo Mud Challenge in Sabah

Borneo Mud Challenge is the premiere obstacle course race series with an unpredictable course, strategically designed obstacles by Navy Seals and after party . Did you say unpredictable? That's right, our entire course and obstacles are a secret.

As if this wasn't bad-ass enough, complete the challenge with our Signature After Party music, ice-cold beer, and freaking awesome food for the ultimate experience. The Borneo Mud Challenge BMC 2015 atmosphere is second to none, just like our participants. Made possible by them, Borneo Mud Challenge is proud to support incredible causes through Mud Challenge Positive Impact.
Gather your friends, start your team, and experience Borneo Mud Challenge together. You'll leave with an amazing story to share.

Price Money are waiting for the First, Second and Third places on each Category. Men's Open - Woman's Open - Groups

Borneo Mud Challenge Tickets

Due to popular demand, tickets are on sale now. There’s “Early Bird” tickets in bold and cheaper “Launching Pack” tickets, which is sure to sell out first.

Prices below include the online booking fee and has been rounded up for ease of reference. They’re copied from the link above, so can change without notice.

Men’s Open: RM101 | RM83
Men’s Open: RM101 | RM83
4 Racer Team: RM381 | RM 307
6 Racer Team: RM571 | RM 460

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