Several years ago I was approached by somebody (I don’t want to mention his name here) to join Sabah Momogun-Rungus Association or well known as SAMORA. I told him that I was not interested.

I came to know SAMORA long before he approached me to join it. Just that I failed to see the real direction of SAMORA. According to that guy SAMORA is an association for Rungus people, and mostly its activities are to promote Rungus culture.

I am all out for promoting Rungus culture. I believe promoting Rungus culture should start by encouraging the Rungus people especially the younger generation to speak Rungus language. I noticed that many of our young Rungus cannot speak the language. I can speak Rungus perfectly, I bet to my last dollar for it.

I wonder how to promote Rungus culture when the Rungus people itself are not interested to master their own language. We cannot expect the Chinese or Bajau to speak Rungus.

Another reason why I did not joined SAMORA is because the association was heavily infested with politically motivated people. They are fighting each other for important post within the association to shows that they have huge supporters and shall be appointed as candidate for election or something. Almost everybody in its committee is attention whore to boost their political image within the Rungus community.

Not that I hate politics, just that I am of the opinion that an association such as SAMORA shall stay away from politics and remain focused on the main objective.

So the end result is that the association become popular shortly just before the election. That is the time these people are bragging their this and that in the association to shows that they have a strong backing and influences in the community, with the hope some political party might be interested to pick them up for the election.

Until now this important association for Rungus community does not even have its own website. Type SAMORA in the google search box, you will find nothing. I wonder why an association that supposed to represent over 200 thousands Rungus people cannot afford a simple website not even a blog. I believe there is many updates about Rungus people can be uploaded in the website for Rungus people to see and read as well as for any other interested parties to make some research about Rungus.

Anyway I hope this association may evaluate its present position and goals.
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