Rabu, 1 Julai 2009

The Rungus Long House

I've been looking around for a blog owned by Rungus that talks about Rungus long house. There is none and I don't think anyone from Rungus bloggers will ever make a blog post about Rungus long house.

I wonder why?

Actually I want to write something about Rungus long house but I don't have the materials especially some good pictures to make the post more interesting.

It is my bad really. I should spend several hundreds ringgit to go back to Sabah, to visit the long house to take some good pictures and write about it.

I think today is my lucky day. I stumbled upon a blog that talks about Rungus long house. I wish to convey my sincere appreciation to Honeylemon for his/her efforts to write about Rungus long house and to promote this forgotten Rungus treasurer to the world. Thank you very much Honeylemon.

I wonder if he is a Rungus.

Sometimes ago, I stumbled upon a news report published in the Daily Express entitled "Rungus are exploited by tour firms". A good friend of mine, Mr. Thomas Arinjamal Mojingal told the reporters that the Rungus entrepreneur (long house operators) is at the losing end. But why?

According to him, The manager of a longhouse told him that he is at the losing end. He can't operate the business himself all because he does not possess a necessary license. Seriously why can't they get the appropriate license? I know there is a license available and they just have to go and apply for it. I really don't have a good answer for this. Perhaps if some of you know how to apply for those license please share the information here.

The long house manager revealed that certain tour agency charged as much as US$4,000 (RM16,000) per tour package for 12 persons from overseas (United States, Australia, etc) to Sabah covering two or three places of interest.

This includes an overnight homestay at the Rungus longhouse in Matunggong, complete with a tour guide and cultural entertainment. However, the Rungus Long house Committee (formed under the Village Security & Development Committee or JKKK) was only paid a measly RM90 per head @ RM 1080.00 for the programme at the longhouse for everything, he said.

So the long house is earning RM 1080.00 @ 12 persons. I really think that this is not a very bad figure although I support the idea that they deserve to earn more. What is the problem here?

I went to stay overnight at one of the longhouse and I have seen what the long house has to offer. Based on that experience, I think RM 1080.00 for 12 person is quite reasonable. The only thing is that they should do more promotion to attract more visitors. This can help them to increase their income. We should not expect the visitors to spend all their money in the long house. You want more business, you need more people. I think that is a very simple business practices. Business is all about people. During my stay there, I was the only visitor for that particular night.

They should try to link-up with hotels and hostels all over the world. Put up your leaflets, banners, website etc. Do they have a website? I failed to detect any website dedicated to Rungus long house.

They can increase their earning by providing more income generating activities, operated by the long house committee. The long house is located near Bukit Gumantong, why can't they organize a bush walk to the top of Bukit Gumantong to see the sunset, a spectacular view of sunset. Install a giant binocular up there. You can charge the visitors for the trip.

A trip to the beaches in Kg Indarason Laut to enjoy the white sandy beach and sunset also can be organize. They can charge the visitors for it as well. The transport charge, the rental for snorkeling gears, selling food and soft drinks can be a good additional income for them also.

I appreciate the effort taken by my good friend Mr. Arinjamal Mojingal to highlight the issue but I really do not think that this is the real issue here. I am of the opinion that the real issue here is about our creativity to make the long house business more profitable. Mr. Arinjamal Mojinggal should know this fact better since he has a Master in Business Administration (MBA).

You can read the whole article regarding to this issue here>>> http://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news.cfm?NewsID=24444

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