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Rungus People Should Cry More?

I am sure everybody knows how to cry. Crying is not something uncommon in human life. I did cry although not that often.

I stumbled upon a blog post "Rungus are crying/praying" written by Joseph Bingkasan, that Rungus community were not represented in the Sabah State Cabinet.

I wonder why is it so important that our only one Rungus YB must be made minister, assistant minister or heading one of the many government's bodies such as Sabah Rubber Industries Board.

Being a Rungus myself, I have some difficulties to understand why we need a Rungus minister or assistant minister to develop the Rungus community. And now the Rungus must crying just for that? I am all out to cry for something that deserve my tears but not this issue. I do not think having a Rungus minister or assistant minister will get us the Rungus community any better.

We have minister and assistant ministers from the Rungus community in the past. What was their contributions for the betterment of Rungus people? It was a big NONE.

I believe that whether the Rungus community can move forward or not is not because we have millions minister or assistant minister from Rungus community. Our fate is in our very own hand. Our fate is not in the hand of anybody. Our fate is not in the hand of minister or assistant minister in Sabah. Rungus can move forward or not is in our very own hand, in the hand of Rungus people.

It is all comes from our attitude. If we the Rungus people can work together, help, support and trust each other, I believe that we don't need to cry for Mr. Sarapin to be appointed as minister or assistant minister.

In the old days, Rungus people are feared and respected. It was not because we have ministers or assistant ministers. It was because in the old days the Rungus people can put aside differences and unite in anything such as defending the land from unwelcomed intruders or the pirates and in doing big and important things.

Now the Rungus people are no longer feared or respected community. It is because we are not only not able to put aside differences and unite in doing things, but we are losing our identity. Many young Rungus cannot speak the Rungus language anymore. Many Rungus are trying to imitate the lifetyle of other community. Many Rungus are trying to hide the fact that they are Rungus. If this things cannot be stopped by us Rungus, who will?

It is easier to point your finger to other people but don't forget that three of your own fingers is pointing back to you. We the Rungus people should learn to tell ourself that we must work hard. We must unite. We must not wait for other people to develop us. We can develop our comunity. If not us the Rungus people who will?

Our fate is in our hand. It sounds hard but there is no other way. There is no short-cut in developing our community. We should not cry for the post of minister or assistant minister to be given to our YB. In fact our YB should start by now, cracking his head for an idea to unite the people, to find business opportunities for the people, to use all contacts and networks and setup a business information center in Matunggung for Rungus community. That is what a YB should be doing.

I am still waiting for him to organize a meeting where all the Rungus graduates will be invited to attend, to gather some ideas and to find ways on what should be done to enpower the Rungus community. Sadly, until now there is no such meeting ever called.

I wonder why?

Should we continue crying? I don't think the issue about minister or assistant minister for our YB deserve my tears. Not ever!

My say: I don't agree with Mr. Leberi.

The article:

Title: Rungus are crying/praying
Written By: Joseph Bingkasan

When Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) president Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan revoked the candidacy of Jornah Mozihim for the Motunggung seat two days before nomination day for the March 8 general elections, the Rungus in northern part of Sabah were angry. Jornah did cry so did her supporters but Pairin went ahead to field Sarapin Magana to defend Motunggung for Barisan Nasional-PBS.

Like Jornah, Sarapin is also a Rungus. Sarapin won the seat with an increased majority and the Rungus are happy but come naming/swearing of the Sabah Cabinet and Assistant Ministers, the community were not represented. They are expecting that Sarapin would be made an Assistant Minister, a post that Jornah was holding since 2004.

But it was not to be and now the Rungus are praying that the State's leadership, at least, made Sarapin heads one of the many government's bodies like the Sabah Rubber Industry Board.

Sarapin's chief campaigner for the polling district of Kandawayon Leberi Francis Maraim (pix above) said if the Muruts in the interior of Sabah was given three Assistant Ministers, `why is our people (the Rungus) left out just like that as if we are non-existence.'

My Say:

I agree with Leberi.

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  1. Maybe we should cry for what was happened in the past which not favour to us as Rungus people. But why shud we cry more? I said a big 'NO' on this, coz the Rungus people has the power to cast their votes on. So, make a wise decision for next General Election. Don't cry...

    1. thinks and develop sabah like a sabahan not as what race one representing...its who can develop effectively and rungus,dusun or to all KDM...innovate...

  2. Rungus people can do more than just casting your vote once every 5 years.

    what is actually represent by the vote during election? that is the number of people voting. Or in another word, people power.

    from the experience from various show that if the people are brave and understand their rights, then they can win their struggle. every struggle started from a small battle.

    people like Sunduvan should make use of his time in peninsular to learn on the skill on the basic human rights, how to handle the police, organising skills etc, then he can b a really great local organiser and leader at your place.

    in order to learn faster, then you need to put in more hard work, work with the people, handle issue, solve issue, but not only reading news from online media and only believe on what the political party leader said.

    If more people like sunduvan are ready to service the people, then Malaysian has a bright future. =)

  3. Rungus people is one of the MOST peculiar in Sabah I guess. Being Rungus as you and me is such a burden for me. I am not interesteed in political even I can hear the story about Jornah and Sarapin; Their superiority and so on. I even laugh when I read Jornah's statement in Daily Express last year. She plays gender issue when she was ignoring to be a candidate for Matunggong. I don't know either for just now. I lose hope and trust to the current government rules by BN but I also can't trust KeADILan or the others. Vote is such a waste... When do our peoples realize that empowerment of Rungus peoples must be in the fore front than chasing own interests in politics.

  4. In my opinion the younger generation of Rungus has to be exposed more to our culture. Being raised else where I wasn't able to speak our mother tongue but learn later at the age of 9 when I was back to my Kampung for two years. Today I am very fluent and proud of being able to speak. Although I ended up being married to different race and adopt to my husband's culture and tradition, I am practically teaching my husband and daughter to speak Rungus. To me it is an advantage to master our language. Some are embarrass being Rungus which I have no idea why and claimed to be other race. I guess many people make speculation that Rungus people are backward compare to Kadazan & Dusun. I am not being prejudice towards certain Rungus community who have converted to other religion and practice 'other race's' culture. I will respect them more if they celebrate their 'celebration' with Rungus identity by not dressing up and pretend to be 'other race' because if I were to visit a Rungus and 'other race' house during their 'celebration' I wouldn't know which house to go for not being able to distinguish the Rungus and the 'other race' s house. In conclusion stop the idea of trying to be someone else when you know your root unless if you are embarrass to be Rungus yourself!


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