Selasa, 11 Ogos 2009

The Rungus and blogging.

Firstly, I would like to seek an apology from all of you for not being able to make a post everyday. The first reason is I am lazy.

Secondly, I was away attending some meetings and public forum here and there. Internet was available but the problem is I am lazy. It seems lazy is the main reason why I failed to update this blog everyday.

Anyway, if any of you wishes to make a comment, please do so. I promise I will approve them to appear in this blog. My advice is, please be responsible in making your comments.

I've been looking around for more blogs about Rungus or maintained by someone from Rungus community but sadly, there are not so many out there. There are blogs about Rungus but those blogs are not maintained or updated regularly.

I wonder why.

Blogging is not for everyone. Anyone can start a simple blog like this blog, but, maintaining a blog will demand your continuous commitment, time and money. Not many of us from the Rungus community are willing to spend their free time sitting and writing a blog post.

So laziness is again the main factor why not so many well-updated blog about Rungus out there.

I think there are so many issues about Rungus that we can talk about in this blog. I was thinking about writing issues like Rungus Language, Rungus culture, Rungus history, Rungus food, Rungus traditional costumes and many more about Rungus but I do not have the facts and luxury of time to really sit down and write about those. Honestly, I need some support from you to supply me with latest news and facts to write about.

I heard, the Milou Dam in Kg. Nangka, Kudat and the compensation and resettlement process was not well-taken care. It seems the Rungus people are willing to forget this issue. But we should not forget this issue. It is our rights and we have the rights to know the details of the whole process in this issue.

There are many more issues about Rungus community that we can talk about. Wake up Rungus! We must move! Do we need to wait until things are getting very bad before we start to talk about it? We should start to talk about those issues now! I mean not tomorrow but NOW! We probably do not have the capacity to go down to march on the street but we can write and write about those issues.

We must unite! We must not let those politicians to do as they please in our very land. Take a look at what happened to those people involved in Milou Dam project. Take a closer look! If you still cannot see it, I don't know who will.

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