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How to Apply Bank Negara Malaysia Career And Internship Programme

Folks, I am so sorry for not been updating this blog for many days now. I've been busy as I went through another turn in my life. However I am back with one good news for you today. Look at the title of this blog post "How to Apply Bank Negara Malaysia Career And Internship Programme". There are some vacancies and internship programme at Bank Negara Malaysia as we speak.

That is the good news that I am trying to convey to you.

How to apply Bank Negara Malaysia career and internship programme

Bank Negara Malaysia as part of the programme under second stimulus package is sponsoring Graduate Training Programme (GTP) to provide unemployed graduate with the opportunity to develop their fundamental skills and attribute required by labour market through attachment to various.

The training programme is for duration of one year which may be extended for a further one year. The aim of this program is to increase the enjoyability of unemployed graduates through development of skilled and experienced human capital which will contribute towards reduction of unemployed graduates.

I think this is a very good and unique opportunity for you to look into. You can get more info by visiting Bank Negara Malaysia website.

I was informed that the monthly allowance for this programme is RM 1500.00. You will be attached to participating companies for the duration between one (1) - two (2) years. Depending on your performance the company your are attached to will most probably absorb you into their payroll after that.

Need more and latest info makes sure you visit BNM Official Webportal

So folks enough said about How to Apply Bank Negara Malaysia Career And Internship Programme, please convey this message to your family members or friends. This opportunity is not something one should missed.

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