Rabu, 18 November 2009

The Rungus Times. Turning the blog to be a cash cow

I am sure you will be not so happy with this but I am thinking to turn this blog into a money making blog. Maintaining a blog is costly nowadays. I have to send my computer to service, paying monthly electricity bill, internet bill and soon domain and hosting cost.

That is not all yet, I still have to buy petrol to go around to take some pictures, newspaper and doing some research. All of that will cost money and money nowadays are very precious to most people. That is why you are working. Am I right?

However worry not. For you to visit and read my posts in this blog, I will charge you nothing. It is yours and I will make sure this blog remain free of charge (FOC) as long as I am still the one who maintain it. I will not charge you a single cent to visit this blog.

One thing for sure as we go along I will teach you step-by-step how I turn this blog into money making blog to cover the cost in maintaining it. For those who are interested in making money online especially those from Rungus community come here often I will teach you how. I will teach you how to turn your blog to become a cash cow in easy way.

Despite all the above I will be still making a blog posts about some random topic related to Rungus people whenever possible. This blog was setup with that in mind, so I will make sure I will stay to it. Trust me in this.

I welcome you once again and thank you for your support. Thank you

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