The Rungus

You may call me Sunduvan, and I am the author of this blog. I believe that this is just about the right time for us, the Rungus people to have a blog dedicated for Rungus community.
I am not a trained writer nor a person who have an excellent mastery in English, having said that do not expect me to write without some grammatical errors.

The purpose of this blog is to serve as an information hub for those who are interested to know more about the Rungus people as well as for my fellow Rungus to meet each other to share ideas and knowledge. There will be a chat-room available for you to chat to each other. I will have it on for you very soon.

This blog is also serves as an avenue for you (Rungus) to publish any articles or letters related to the Rungus people.

Lately, I often asked myself, what is my contribution to the betterment of my people. It don't have to be a big contribution but I like to see there is something I could do for the people. And I must admit that so far there is no single  significant contribution from me for the people.

I want to do something good for the people in my life-time. I believe many of you out there just like me, hoping to be able to do something for Rungus. It is not difficult to give something for the people but it is also not so easy to keep giving something.

Any latest developments or news about Rungus people, or if any of you (Rungus) have something to advertise here, I am reachable through my e-mail and will have your businesses advertised here free of charge or at minimal cost.

Making a living online from the North Borneo.