Several years ago I was approached by somebody (I don’t want to mention his name here) to join Sabah Momogun-Rungus Association or well know... READ MORE>>>

YB This and YB That.

In this post I do not have any specific topic to be discussed about. Since it is my blog, I will write anything that comes across my mind. I... READ MORE>>>

A Painful and Difficult Decision to Make.

There are some bad sides when one had seen too many things in his or her life. What you had seen directly or indirectly will influence the w... READ MORE>>>

Rungus Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Thailand.

I stumbled upon this item when I was surfing the internet to do some research about Rungus community. It is about our Mr. James Rubinsin Kot... READ MORE>>>

Balik Kampung.

I am not very sure what is " Balik Kampung " in Rungus language. Could it be something li... READ MORE>>>

Brief Introduction About Momogun Rungus (In Malay Language)

I found this article in website. It is about some brief introduction and history about what is Rungus or momogun and where... READ MORE>>>

Rungus: Immigrants In Sabah

What do you think about this article written by Herman Scholz in his blog . This article titled The Rungus: The Art of ... READ MORE>>>

The Future Of Contract Farming For Rungus Community

I am not mad. At least not yet. But I can foresee the future. It is about the implementation of contract farming system for Rungus community... READ MORE>>>

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