Selasa, 9 Februari 2010

SAMORA New Forum Site. Congratulation!

Congratulation! to Sabah Momogun Rungus Association or better known as SAMORA. SAMORA have taken one step forward by having its forum site here. Last time I wrote about SAMORA here, which I mentioned about the needs for SAMORA to have its own official website or at least a forum site.
It is indeed a very good move by SAMORA being an association in which one of its aims is to be an organisation where we can refer to in matters related to culture, social, wellfare or almost anything that related to the Rungus people.
I believe that the forum site of SAMORA can be use wisely by both those SAMORA office bearers in this organisation and the people. Having said that, I hope that only those fruitful opinions, suggestion or ideas are to be published. Those ideas, opinions and suggestion that is not contributing to the betterment of our community, inciting hatred, racist or any negative remarks are to be ommitted from the forums. I am not so worry about this, because, I know there is someone monitoring or administring this forums site. Thanks very much to that person and the president of SAMORA.
I was told that the forum site is sponsored and was the idea from the president of SAMORA. Thank you Mr. Jelani Hamdan (President of SAMORA) for the job well done and for your contribution in SAMORA.
So now what? We should support this forum site. We should visit and contribute ideas and suggestion. The first thing you should do is to visit the forum site and register to become a member. There is no membership fees required, so I asume, it is free. One more thing, I think they should get a domain name for that forum site of SAMORA. Visit SAMORA official forum site >>> HERE
My 2 cents: I am thinking about joining SAMORA now  but there are still several other things that I need to observe before signing up to join this association.

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