Jumaat, 23 Julai 2010

How to go to Laoag from Clark or Manila

As I mentioned in my previous blog post that this coming August, which is only a few days from now, I will be traveling to Philippines. I bought my return flight ticket already from Kota Kinabalu to Clark. 

Last night I received a message from my facebook that my friend is in Laoag. She got a new job there and I guess, she will be there for quite some time. I decided to use a few days out of my 8 days in Philippines to visit her in Laoag.

Now there is some problem. I don't really know how to go to Laoag from Clark or Manila. I asked my Filipino friend and he too can't give much help but he suggested that I go to Dau Bus Terminal in Clark to check out if there is any bus heading to Laoag.

I made some search through the internet and was able to come out with 2 possible way about how to go to Laoag from Clark or Manila.

a. From Manila, you can take a flight into Laoag with Cebu Pacific. I think this one is very costly but it will take you to Laoag within 1 hour. 

b. To go to Dau Bus Terminal in Clark and catch a bus heading to Laoag. The journey is about 7-8 hours. I know it is a long journey but if it is your first time in Philippines it won't be so bad. You can see more things on the way to Laoag. From Laoag there is a bus heading to Baguio so I think the timing is just about perfect. Wonderful!

So if you are going to Laoag from Clark or Manila, you can choose one of the option above. Laoag, I am coming!

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