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Reasons Why I Should Not Visit 1Borneo The Biggest Hypermall In Kota Kinabalu

It was reported that 1Borneo is the biggest hypermall in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in Borneo Island. 1Borneo was declared open on 31st May 2008. And after 3 three years, I still haven't go there to visit it. Despite its reputation being the biggest hypermall in Borneo, that is still not sufficient to convinced me to go there.

I had a search around from blog to blog about 1Borneo, and those blogs are all talking about sweet and nice thing about 1Borneo hyper mall. I haven't visited it so I can't talk all sweet and nice thing about it. 

1Borneo is actually still under constuction. The hypermall is not yet fully completed, however some part of it is tenantable and ready for business.There is Novotel Hotel and several other hotels are opening their business there soon. Upon completion, 1Borneo should be the biggest conferencing facilities in Sabah.

What can you get there? I was told that Giant supermarket, fitness center, Golden Screen Cenima (GSC) is operating there. A good number of fancy and expensive restaurants are also operating there. I can't tell you more than that as I never visited  1Borneo despite the fact that I often using Sulaman road to Tuaran.

Certainly, I have my own reason why I don't feel interested to visit 1Borneo hypermall. May be I should share with you what reason are, nevermind if some of it sounds stupid. Hahaha

a. I am a lazy driver. I am staying in Luyang and taking about 30 minutes (depending on traffic flows) drive to 1Borneo hypermall  just to visit Giant supermarket or GSC is a big NO.  Spending 30 minutes to get there and 30 minutes to go home or 1 hour return jorney is not a very pleasant thing to do. What about the cost for fuel?

b. Traffic jam. The traffic jam is killing. During peak hours the traffic from UMS to Kota Kinabalu is very slow. It is like bumper-to-bumper and that alone discourage me to go to 1Borneo hyper mall. Weekend should me much better.

c. Expensive. Most of the items and services that being sold there are expensive. The price of the same thing in 1Borneo is more expensive than the one in Wisma Merdeka or Center Point. It is because the outlet or shop rental in 1Borneo is pretty high. Business owner would have to pass the cost to costumers by charging you more.

d. I can find anything I need in Kota Kinabalu city center. If you want to watch movie, you can do it in Growball Center Point, Cathay in Kg Air or GSC Suria shopping mall. If you are looking for some gadgets for your computer Karamunsing shopping mall is the place you should go or otherwise Times Square is also pretty interesting to visit.

Ok. so from those reasons, do still I need to go to 1Borneo the biggest hypermall in Kota Kinabalu? 1Borneo could be the 1st and largest lifestyle hypermall in Borneo island but I still can't find any reason why I should go there. May be one day, just may be I will visit 1Borneo.

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