Jumaat, 13 Ogos 2010

Why John Chow Suck

Why John Chow Suck is one of the blog post title in some blogs. John Chow's blog as usual getting huge attention. Calling John Chow suck, John Chow con man, John Chow liar and many more getting louder by the day. If you type the title of this blog post into Google search box, you will see those blog that publish about why John Chow suck.

Personally, I don't really like the name calling things. John Chow is just like us, a blogger trying to make  something from the internet. 

You got a choice. He never asked you personally to become a subscriber or to visit his blog. The fact that you visited his blog and still continue to do so is also your choice. If you really don't like his blog, or you don't like John Chow, then you should have stopped  from visiting his blog immediately from the day one you found his blog. And now after so long you come in and out of his blog, many of you wrote a blog post about him in your blog calling him all sort of names? I am not sure if you are human or something else. Human knows this word "gratitude".

I believe that most of us here used to visit John Chow's blog in the past, and, I am sure you and me have learned something or one or two blogging knowledge from his blog. Thank you Mr. John Chow (just in case you ever read this blog post) and that thanks to you comes from my heart. It is a sincere one.

I really think that no matter  what you will say, John Chow's blog is making him good money and that continue to do so, while you are still not making anything. Do you know the different between you guys and John Chow? He is good blogger and you are not. Because you are jealous of his achievement in his blog, he is making money while you are not. It is because John Chow put all his efforts into building his blog, you are not and now most of you because you guys are not making any cent from your blog resort to call him with all sort of name.  

I tell you what, the more you insult him and his blog, the more readers coming to his blog, his blog will be more popular and he is making more money. You are still not making anything. There are 7,000,000,000 potential readers for John Chow's blog. Right now John Chow is making $ 40,000 a month from his blog and to those insulting him how much money did you made last month? You should feel ashamed.

We should support each other. Trying to get attention from reader by insulting other blogger is not a right thing to do. It will back-fire on you. Respects can't be earned by insulting others. I still visit John Chow blog every now and then and I will never make a blog post about why John Chow suck. That I promise.

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