Isnin, 25 Oktober 2010

Batu Sapi Sandakan

This month hotels, restaurants, buses and many more businesses in Batu Sapi Sandakan may experience some increase in their sales and earning report. I was told, most of the hotels in Sandakan are fully booked.

It seems so many  people are coming down to Batu Sapi Sandakan in this next few days. I believe it is good for the area. Many people means more business opportunities. For how long? May be until the by-election a.k.a buy election or some people refer to it as by erection is over. 

Whatever it is, Batu Sapi seems so popular right now.

It is almost confirmed that it will be a 3-corner fight between BN, PR and SAPP. If you ask me, I will go for SAPP a Sabah-based political  party. There are reasons why I choose SAPP. But certainly it is not because of influences from any individual in SAPP but because of SAPP so far is the only one the most vocal political party in raising issues close to the heart of Sabahan.

Some of the issues are related to PATI, Sabah 20-Points Agreements and land grabbing. I hope the people of Batu Sapi will give SAPP the chance to gather momentum in pressing forwards to help us Sabahan for the above-mentioned issues.

I believe every single one of Sabahan agree that the above three issues, that SAPP is fighting for us now is important to us now, our future and for the next generation. We have given so much time for BN to solve those issues but it seems, things are not getting any better, in fact getting out of control.

People of Batu Sapi, please vote with wisdom. We need you right now and we hope you will share the same sentiment just like the rest of us Sabahan.

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