How to Check Male Virginity

I was looking around the internet when I stumbled upon this particular blog about how to test virginity. I think it is quite easy to check female virginity but I was wondering how to check male virginity.

Yahoo! answer got some answer about how to check male virginity and the answer was something like this "If the skin covering the head of the penis can be pulled back without pain and without stopping".

Now, do you think that method of how to check male virginity works? I don't think so.

However, the African community seems to have the best method about how to check male virginity and also female virginity. I have some pictures here but I don't think it is good for me to display all of them in this blog. If you want to see more, this particular blogger has them all.

Some people may disagree with the method about this but in Africa, this method of testing male and female virginity seems acceptable by everyone. I guess it is their culture and it is within their right to exercise their traditional culture.

Are you ready to go for the test? Anyway this topic is about how to check male virginity.

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