Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

Milau Dam Kudat - The Great Waterless Dam in Kudat

The people whom are effected by the construction of another white elephant project the Milau Dam in Kudat are still crying asking and hoping for some help for a new home. Hundreds of people lost their Native Customary Right (NCR) land and also the home they had been live-in for so long to give way for the construction of the great waterless Milau Dam in Kudat.

The issue until today is still being discussed everywhere including in one of the most popular community portal Facebook. It seems the taking over of the said area for the Milau dam has not received the blessing  from the people of Kudat.

Some people may think the Kudat people especially the Rungus community rejects development. If that is what in your mind, you are totally wrong. The rejection is due to several factors.

1. The way they acquired the land was questionable. The people had not been consulted and survey had not been carried out. It seems the whole thing was secretly arrange until the day when heavy machineries started coming into the area. The question is why the people was not consulted? Rumors said that the Ketua Kampung (KK) in the mentioned area was forced to sign the agreement as well as to hide the plan to take over the area. I would blame both the Ketua Kampung and the respective parties  orchestra the whole arrangement.

2. The people's land was not adequately compensated. They were paid way below the land market value and rumors said that some of the payment was done through some middlemen. After that the effected people was left to by themselves to find a new place as their new home. It is not like hundreds of years ago where you can simple go somewhere and build your house. In those days lands are not yet personalized. 

3. The dam is waterless. The area is in fact not suitable to construct a water reservoir  as there are no big river  to supply water to the newly constructed dam. So where do we get the water for the dam? Don't tell me now that we will have to construct another water reservoir in Bengkoka river in Pitas and channel the water to Milau dam. Why the dam was there in the first place?  I think even a little child will be able to tell you that if you build a dam there, there will be no water to fill up the dam. The question now is what are we going to do with that damn dam?

4. Land grabbing is the main issue here. We agree that the government has the right to take over any area for public purposes. We never argue about that but the method that was used to take over the area was questionable.

Dr. Felix Chong has the most accurate account regarding to this Milau dam. You may visit Dr. Felix Chong blog here.

The Way Forward.

We the people of Kudat from now on know who is friend and who is the enemy. We the younger generation in Kudat should work together to ensure such thing will not going to happen again in the future.

We have been voting for Barisan Nasional (BN) for very long time now. I think this must stop once and for all. It is now time for a change. We should not expect the grass is green forever, and there is a time when we really  have to decide what we really need for the people. New dawn is coming, it is in our hand to make sure it becomes a reality.

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  1. i can never understand why this dam have to be you said where will they get the water?

  2. Envi83: I have the same opinion as well. It is high time now to let the government know that the people is the real BOSS.


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