Rabu, 27 Oktober 2010

Tamu Tamparuli Sabah

I had the opportunity to go to Tamparuli this morning on an official trip. Tamparuli town is located about 36km from Kota Kinabalu  city centre and is famous for its Jambatan Tamparuli or Tamparuli hanging bridge. I tried to take a quick look at the well-known Jambatan Tamparuli but wasn't able to do so as the entrance leading to the Jambatan Tamparuli was so crowded.

I changed my mind and went around the Tamu Tamparuli instead. There are villagers around Tamparuli Town selling all kinds of agricultural produces like fresh vegetables and fresh-water fishes. Those are fresh from the farm. Some souvenirs like Sompoton also being sold in the Tamu Tamparuli

I want to buy some but don't know how to keep them fresh until I got back to KK. I will be in Tamparuli for a whole day long and there is no way I can maintain the freshness of the vegetables. So I abandoned the idea to buy something.

I took a couple of photos to share with you here. If you have sometimes please visit Tamu Tamparuli. Support Sabahan products.

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