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So what is the latest news in Batu Sapi Sandakan by-election? All the party involved is still struggling to get more votes. Currently Barisan Nasional looks like the one will come out as the winner in Batu Sapi.
While, I was made to understand by my friend from Batu Sapi that the voters there still got some reservation and most probably will throw their votes to Datuk Yong Teck Lee of SAPP at the last minutes. 

I asked him why? There are many reasons.

a. The people of Batu Sapi have been voting for BN for so long time already and look? Mr. Ansari of PKR fell into the sea twice due to a failing bridge or walk-ways. And that BN never visited the area to see what was needed to be done for the people.

b. The people are displeased with why only now BN is throwing a lot of projects into the area and most of it falls into the hand of outside contractor, and it seems that it is how BN is trying to buy people votes. Wait a minute, do they think these people are for sale? Bad Barisan National (BN), naughty BN must be punished.

c. The candidate from BN can't speak Bahasa Malaysia. Hey how come? You are Malaysia aren't you and still can't master Bahasa Malaysia? Then how do you serve the people who can't speak English? I know you will say ' I will use other people to do it'. Ohh Like that ahh? Like using remote control? Ok you can use remote control then, but how do you go in the Parliament? You need to speak and debate issues, and of course that should be in Bahasa Malaysia. Don't tell me you will use remote control again or somebody remote controlling you like a robot?  I don't know what will happen to the people of Batu Sapi if they vote her to represent them. This is Malaysia, you need to speak Bahasa Malaysia in Malaysia, this is not in London.

d. Sabah for Sabahan. We Sabahan including the people of Batu Sapi of course  wants the 20-points Agreement is honored and implemented. It seems the Federal Government is not interested to implement it. Ok so now, it is up to the people to do it. First, we Sabahan should boot BN out of Sabah. The rest would  be much easier after that.

e. Land issues. It is not only in Batu Sapi. Remember in many other areas in Sabah. Remember about Tingkayu in Kunak Sabah also what is happening right now in Keningau and Tenom at the moment.

f. There are so many.

So the latest news I received a few minutes ago is SAPP will win the by-election in Batu Sapi. I am happy with this Batu Sapi latest news. Let make it a reality.

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  1. I really hope BN loses this one. Enough of their nonsense.


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