Selasa, 30 November 2010

Daphne Iking Kissing With New Boyfriend???

Daphne Iking Kissing Darren ChoyDaphne Iking former husband Ryan has taken the issue about Daphne Iking relationship with Darren Choy to the court.

According to Ryan, he saw Darren Choy's hand rested on Daphne Iking shoulder and kissing his former wife on the cheek before his eyes in KLIA on 5th July 2008, two years ago.

The case is still being tried in the court of law in Malaysia.

Both Daphne Iking and Darren Choy denied the allegation about their intimate secret relationship but Ryan seems not convinced.

According to Ryan, he came to know that Daphne went to London with Darren choy. He also found out some e-mail exchange between Daphne Iking and Darren as a prove.

Well, if you have a beautiful wife, for sure it will be troublesome maintain. You will face the risk of your wife being seduced all the time.

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