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(Photo) Diana Danielle Song Released Next Year

Diana Danielle
Actress Diana Danielle who stars in the hugely successful musical film Magika, is planning to release a self-composed song next year, which she describes as "heartbreaking."

Songwriting is something she's been doing for years but she has never released any songs professionally... yet.
"I've been having tunes in my head for the past few years but this is a song that I feel I need to put out because it means a lot to me," says the 19-year-old.

She describes the song as an acoustic rock ballad, which is titled Tak Pernah Ada.

Diana says that she is trying to release it early next year and is looking for a distribution deal.

"I don't know if I'll do an entire album as I still want to concentrate on acting, which is my passion," she says.

Diana began acting at the age of nine in the movie Idola, and has acted in 10 movies to date.

But Magika might prove to be her biggest yet, which has grossed RM4mil at cinemas and swept the recent Filem Festival Malaysia awards.

"It's a really fun movie. Friends who have never seen a Malay movie before tell me that they've seen it five or six times," she says.

Diana is a pretty busy lady these days. She has three movies coming out next year - Hanyut, Bara Jiwa and Dalam Botol, the latter in which she plays a transexual's love interest!

And if that's not enough, she's also pursuing a degree in psychology.

The combination of movies, studies and music can be pretty tiring for Diana.
So, how does she unwind?

She enjoys spending time with her horse, Tic Tac, which she named after the sweets brand.

"Yes, I was with my horse today. I think he was jealous that I was feeding the other horses. So, he bit me!," she sighs.

By Steven Patrick

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