Gambar Bogel Nikki Malaysia Idol???

I stumbled upon this 'Gambar bogel Nikki Malaysian Idol' yesterday from one of the very ugly looking blog in the internet. I mean do you personally beliave there is 'Gambar bogel Nikki Malaysian Idol'? 

I don't believe this singer from Tambunan by the name Nicolette Louisa Palikat or well-known by her nickname as NIKKI would go that low as to allow people to take 'Gambar bogel Nikki' or 'Nikki nude photos' and let the person to publish it online.

I saw the controversial nude photos of Nikki Malaysian Idol and I don't believe it was her. As you know there so many people know how to manipulate photos using Photoshop software and putting someone face into another person naked body is not that difficult.

Gambar bogel Nikki Malaysian Idol is fake and don't waste your time looking for it. That is just the work of some irresponsible person. 

For those who don't know, "Nikki", is a Malaysian singer from Tambunan, Sabah, and a finalist in the first season of Malaysian Idol. She is known for her vocal belting and her ability to sing in the whistle register.

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