Selasa, 2 November 2010

(Gambar) Fasha Sandha Di Parti Halloween Ala Penari Gelek, Super Kinky!

Wow. Never thought Fasha Sandha also welcomed the recent Halloween. This is Fasha Sandha at the recent Halloween party. For those who do not know, the people who celebrate Halloween all be wearing the Halloween costume. Usually worn costumes are scary costumes. But when you see the pictures of Fasha Fasha Sandha it is likely she used the princess costume.

I took this photos of Fasha Sandha dacing during the Halloween party from Fasha Sandha Funpage whis is belong to Fasha Sandha.Fasha Sandha Di Parti Halloween Ala Penari Gelek. Yeahhhh

As usual Halloween party is where Fasha Sandha will celebrate and enjoy with her boyfriend, Jejai. This actress from Chinta series is not only had a 'Ratu Gelek costume' but also performed sexy poses for the camera  for her fan group.

Super kinky, We are not sure where Fasha Sandha celebrated the Halloween party, but when analyzed, it looks like in a hotel, a private party. More Fasha Sandha aka Chinta  Chanduri after this, let's partayyyyyy!


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