Selasa, 2 November 2010

(GAMBAR)Anak Lelaki Diana Rafar Dan Zamarul Hisham

May it is already too late for me to share with you all the excitement of the husband and wife Diana Rafar and  Zamarul Hisham. This couple celebrates their new born baby on 29.10.2010.  Babies who have yet to be named was born weighing 2.9kg.
Above is a picture of Diana Rafar and Zamarul's son. Old saying said if the boy looks like his mother's face he will become a good looking guy, and if the baby girl looks like her father's face, she will become a pretty girl? True or not, nobody knows.
Whatever we say congratulations to the couple Diana Rafar and Zamarul Hisham. Hopefully the next child is baby girl..

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