Selasa, 9 November 2010

Georgian Women Face Death Penalty In Kota Kinabalu for Trafficking Drugs

Babutsa Gordadze - Georgian
A Georgian woman was tentatively charged at the magistrates’ court here with allegedly trafficking in 5.5kg of Syabu last month.

No plea was recorded from Babutsa Gordadze, 26, who appeared before magistrate Nuruhuda Mohd Yusof yesterday.

The unrepresented accused was caught for allegedly trafficking in the drug at a room of a hotel in Menggatal at 12.05am on Oct 25.

She is charged under Section 39B(1)(a) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 which carries the mandatory death sentence by hanging on conviction.

The court put off the case to Dec 6 this year for re-mention as the analysis report on the drug was not ready yet.

Babutsa was ordered to be held in custody under Section 259 of the Criminal Procedure Code, as the alleged offence is not bailable.

Prosecuting officer Chief Inspector Lim Swee Beng prosecuted.

Now the news above is very much disturbing as we don't want this kind of activities going in our peaceful society in Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

We hope that more drug trafficking activities will be uncovered by police soon and those involves should face punishment regardless of their country of origin.

However, we at the same breath we wish this case will be handle with extreme care to ensure none is punished unnecessarily for a crime they did not do.

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