Khamis, 11 November 2010

How to Improve Google PageRank (PR) for Beginner???

This is a very valid question 'how to improve Google PageRank (PR) for beginner?' I don't have the answer for how to improve Google PageRank for beginner at the moment. I am still trying hard to get the trick and tip about how to do it.

So the reason I write this blog post is to ask you how to increase Google PageRank for beginner. There are so many so call tricks and tips out there but none of it really works. I tried many of them and so far look at my  blog PageRank, you see a freaking fat 'zero' PageRank for this blog.

Last night I chatted with a friend via Yahoo Messenger (YM) about this issues. He gave me some general suggestion which I am going to implement today.

I will write a blog post if his suggestion is useful or at least I managed to grab some organic traffics from Google.

Now back to my question how to improve Google PageRank (PR) for beginner? Please share your tips and trick here about this issues. I am going out soon to visit some interesting places in Kota Kinabalu city. Have a nice day!

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