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I Got a Job From .Capital Oil And Gas Limited Job Offer

Now this is very nice. I been looking for good paying job off shore job and today I recieved Capital Oil And Gas Limited Job Offer. 

What a lucky day for me right? When I open my e-mail this afternoon I saw this e-mail about Capital Oil and Gas Job Offer, I feel like I want to tell everyone that a Nigerian company offering me a very good off shore job.

So they wants me to reply as soon as possible with my particulars. I'm still thinking about it, meanwhile bellow is the e-mail I recieved from Capital Oil and Gas a company based in Lagos Nigeria.

fromCapital Oil and Gas Limited Recruiters Nigeria
dateThu, Nov 11, 2010 at 6:51 AM
subject.Capital Oil And Gas Limited Job Offer
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Capital Oil & Gas



Capital Oil And Gas Limited is Company based in Lagos, a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) with shell and involves in oil and gas exploration and production activities in Nigeria. Capital Oil And Gas Limited is operating Oil Prospecting Licenses (OPL).Capital Oil & Gas Industries Limited was incorporated in 2001 but commenced full operations in 2003, following the deregulation of the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry by the Federal Government of Nigeria

We are Legal Labor Consultant/Recruiters to Capital Oil And Gas Limited, a foremost Oil and Gas Company. In pursuant to the service contract with our client (Capital Oil And Gas Limited ) wish to invite experienced, skilled and qualified expatriates/persons for the Uhele Project Development going on in the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, project schedule to commence soon.

The  programme is the development of Uhele project, the project involves the construction of Four platforms and a Gas Export Pipeline that will aid optimum exploitation of the crude oil potential of the Uhele Field, as well as that of Natural Gas that is currently being flared.

This Company is the operator of Uhele project. This is a deep water license (4000 feet) and the location of a major oil and gas discovery. Uhele project target production rate is 150 kbd and it is expected to produce about 560 million barrels of the oil (gross). The world-class Capital Oil And Gas Limited is located in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Oil Prospecting License (OPL) 10 and has recoverable offshore reserves of some 600 million barrels of oil.

Capital Oil And Gas Limited with respect to the Uhele project, requires expatriates/persons whose services will include the following,

Geology and Geo science
Data management, well and production
Exploration Geologist
Geological / Geophysical
Geological Technologis
Geological Technologist / GIS Specialist
Geologist,Geophysical Engineer
Geo technical Engineer (Intermediate)
Geo technical Technicians / Technologist (Junior)
Geo technical Technologist (Intermediate)
GIS Specialist / Analyst
Hydro geologist (Junior)
Jr. and Int. Processing Geophysicists Land processing
Manager (VP) Geo science
Mineral Processing Engineer
Permafrost Engineer
Reservoir Engineers
Reservoir Engineers
Seismic Driller
Well Site Geologist
Well Site Geologists Gas,
Chemicals, Petrochemicals,
Laboratory .Acid Supervisor ,
Gas Business Coordinator ,
Nitrogen Supervisor Drilling and Rig,C
cement Supervisor
Deep Cailed Tubing Supervisor,
Derrick and Directional Driller
Drillers ,Drilling Engineers,
Drilling Foreman ,Forearm Drillers,
Mud Logger
Rig Electrician
Rig Manager
Tool pusher
Wire line opera application Scripter IT Analyst,
Communications Spec Sr
Communications Technician
Computer Repair Technician
Intermediate Programmer
IT Consultant - Oracle Financials
Account Manage
Accounting Clerk
Accounting Systems Analyst
Cost Controllers
Dept Admin
Documentation Manager
Accountants, Admin
Energy Analyst ,
Executive Assistant
Field Administration Clerk Finance Analyst
Land Property Administrator
Manager Projects
Procurement Specialists (FIDIC Procedures)
Quantity Surveyors Engineering  .

SCOPE OF THE PROJECT: The programmed is the Development of Uhele project, the project involves the contraction of Four platforms and a Gas Export  Pipeline that will aid optimum exploitation of the crude oil potential of the Uhele Field, as well as that of Natural Gas that is currently being flared.

SALARY: $10,000- $45,000.00,monthly/take-home (After tax), Dollars or Euros equivalent depending on home country and currency preference.
CONTRACT DURATION: 36 months (Liable for upward review depending on your commitment and expertise)

DURATION OF WORK PERIODS: Two months work, one month leave You will be entitle to (Two)2 months upfront salaries and relocation expenses on confirmation of your relevant documentation for commencement of work.

Send your detailed resume, if this Offer is acceptable to you together with an application via email attachment.


Human Resource Manager,
Capital Oil And Gas Limited Recruiter
1 Capital Oil Close, Westminster,
Ibru Jetty Complex, Ibafon, Apapa
P.O. Box 558 (CODE 102241)

Apapa, Lagos

Tel:+234 8036115707 make sure you call

Ohh man, do you think this is a genuine job offer? Do you think Capital Oil and Gas even exist? This Nigerian scammer sure very cunning and clever in trying to make you believe that this is a genuine job offer. My friends, this is one of the e-mail from internet scammer and believe me the have sent this very same e-mail to millions of other people all over the world.

I believe 1 or 2 person will fall into this trap and if you know the person please let him know that e-mail like this should be ignored. This are all internet scam from scam artist from African continent.

So this e-mail is a fake job offer after all. This is just a reminder to you not to fall into this kind of trap.

Anda mungkin berminat dengan maklumat-maklumat berkaitan di bawah yang menyediakan info dan rujukan untuk forex trader

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