Rabu, 10 November 2010

I Got Stomach Upset After Lunch At Restaurant Seri Malindo Api Api Centre.

What a bad day for me. I had much lunch late because I was so busy doing something and nearly forgot my lunch. So together with a friend we went to Restaurant Seri Malindo in Api Api Centre Kota Kinabalu to have our late lunch.

I had 'Jantung Pisang' and beef and a bowl of fish soup. It was a good lunch. On the way back to the office we were talking about how good the restaurant was.

Reached the office and back to work but then I started to feel my stomach so painful until tears came out from my eyes. I nearly can't stand the pain. I was like what the heck is happening to me? Don't tell me I need to call the ambulance to take me to the hospital.

I told my friends not to disturb me, close my room's door, switched off the light and tried to relax. But the pain won't go away and in the process I have to run to the toilet.

After the toilet, about 15 minutes later I have to run again to the toilet and things burst out the moment I sat on the toilet bowl. All are liquid of course. Ohh my God, this is Diarrhea. I hate it.

I knew now, it is because of the food I had at Restaurant Malindo at Api Api Centre Kota Kinabalu. The restaurant  situated just a few doors from Mc Donald in Api Api Centre.

Now, that will be the first and the last I will buy food from that restaurant. The restaurant looks clean but may be the food was not prepared nicely. I am sure the person who took the same food that I had will get Diarrhea as well, but I pray they will be fine.

When they have to prepare huge amount of food they forgot about the cleanliness aspects. 

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  1. Thank lord I never went there, mom think it's a dirty place. xD No offence to those who go there.


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