Jumaat, 12 November 2010

Indonesian Idol 2011 Audition Venues

Indonesian Idol 2011? Many are asking us about Indonesian Idol 2011 audition venues or next year. It seems people can't wait any longer to showcase their singing talent.

The Problem is we don't know yet whether Indonesian Idol 2011 is going to be held or not. We are still looking for credible informer to give us the information whether there will be Indonesian Idol 2011.

Rumors said, Indonesian Idol 2011 will be held as usual but the audition venues has not been decided yet. More waiting then.

Well, while waiting for it, we know that year end for 2010 is fast approaching. Why don't you use the waiting time to plan for a vacation somewhere with family. I'm sure that is a better thing to do than running around looking for Indonesian Idol 2011 audition venues.

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