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Korean Restaurant Kota Kinabalu

Korean Restaurant Kota Kinabalu
I am thinking about going out for my dinner. Are there any Korean Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu area? I know there a Korean restaurant somewhere but I don't really know where they are located.

I called up a friend. He told me that there are good Kota Kinabalu Korean restaurant in KK Times Square Phase 1. Not been eating Kim Chi for very long time, now I am very excited to visit this Korean Restaurant in KK Times Square. 

I think the last time I had a good Kim Chi was in Christchurch South Island New Zealand.

KK Times Square is a newly completed building, next door to Sutera Harbour Resort and Bus Terminal Wawasan Plaza just across Sembulan river.

I haven't been to Times Square Kota Kinabalu since it was opened for business so this time would be my first time. Well, for a Korean Restaurant it is not a big deal. Good food is waiting for me in there.

So I am planning to visit BBQ House Korean Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu tonight. I heard they have a good Korean food and a cute waitresses. That is what my friend told me. So I am coming over to check it out.

Just in case you are also looking for a Korean Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu you this is where you should go. I will give you the address.

BBQ HOUSE KOREAN RESTAURANT KOTA KINABALU, Blk 1, 1-49-G, Ground Floor & 1st Floor, KK Times Square Phase 1, Coastal Highway, 88000 Kota Kinabalu. For reservation you can call this number +60 88 486 100.

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