Selasa, 2 November 2010

Naomi Watts photographed naked, ignites caesarian debate

Invasive pictures of actress Naomi Watts of spy film standing naked on her Californian balcony were yesterday titillating celluloid fans but doing little to diminish debate concerning the rigours of caesarian birth.
Barely eight weeks after the birth of her second son, Samuel Kai, Watts has been photographed shooting her latest film Mother and Child in Marina del Rey.

Standing on a balcony with her dressing gown hanging open, a trim looking Watts is baring not only her breasts in the unauthorized paparazzi pictures, but also a still swollen lower abdomen and a rude-looking caesarian scar.

The photos appeared on the popular gossip website Perez Hilton. WARNING: The photos contain explicit material.

The King Kong star has not, to date, spoken of her preferred birthing method, keeping her and partner Liev Schreiber's decision to themselves and not wading into the heated debate over "to push or not to push".Watts has credited breast-feeding with helping her drop the post pregnancy kilos, but was last week looking tired during a promotional tour for her upcoming movie The International and admitted she was finding the sleep deprivation "brutal".

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