Isnin, 29 November 2010

Nora Danish Holiday Plan Cancelled???

Nora Danish Sexy PhotoNora Danish told to many of her friends that she will be going on vacation with her former husband Jejai, children and her family-in-law. She told everyone about their destination and activities that the family will be doing during the vacation.

That sounds nice, after all children needs both of their parent to be there in happy time like when on vacation. That is what should be done by any good and responsible parent. Even animal will do the same.

However, it was reported that Jejai was not going with them because he will be busy with some business matters.

Nora Danish was so upset with it, she sent SMS to Jejai that she too will not going ahead with the planned vacation. Ohh boy!!! What now?

Seriously, we are not sure if those rumors was true.

You will probably agree with me if I say Nora Danish is still in love with Jejai. Well, I hope they look at the children as the most important thing in their life.

So much gossip going around, not body knows for sure which one is the real thing.

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