Only 700 Graduates Jobless for More Than Three Years?

Dang! seriously, I don't believe the figure above but that is what was reported by Deputy Minister of Human Resources Datuk Maznah Mazlan. Do you belive this?

I don't believe it because every month thousands of graduates are gradutating from both private colleges and government funded higher learning institutes all over Malaysia and the number is rapidly increasing.

Judging at our current economy situation, I don't think there are enough jobs created for those graduates. Now one question we should ask the minister, how the figure (the 700) came about? I don't think that is accurate and I am willing to put down everything in my wallet to bet whether that number is accurate or not.

Once again they lied to us the rakyat and they did it in the parlimen in a broad day light. Could you believe it?  

I believe the government will enforce the Government Services Tax (GST) very soon probably right after the PRU-13, and they are going to stop all the subsidies. Their reasoning was, the government is no longer capable to give subsidies and that it is time for us to change our spending behaviour.

At the same breath the government announced the plan to construct a 100-floor Menara Warisan Merdeka. 

To cut story short, I don't believe the figure reported by Deputy Minister of Human Resources Datuk Maznah Mazlan above. 

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