Isnin, 29 November 2010

Paula Malai Ali Facebook

Paula Malai Ali ESPN Star Sports PresenterPaula Malai Ali was born in 3rd March 1974 in Brunei is a television personality a veejay for channel V and now ESPN Star Sports presenter.

I was looking for her profile in the internet and stumbled upon her facebook, which I believe is operated by her fan club. Paula Malai Ali Facebook now has 3,910 fans.

You can join her facebook by clicking 'likes' button.

Paula Malai is a well-known media figure in Asia and she has worked as television and radio presenter, model, stage actress and vocal talent.

She has been the choice of international brands such as Redken hair products and Nescafe for best personifying their positioning images.

She is admired for her stunning act in the media.

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