Isnin, 15 November 2010

(Photo) Fasha Sandha Homewrecker???

Fasha Sandha
Home-wrecker as a full time job? Obviously not but it seems some people are good at it. Well, I am not referring to anybody as what I'm going to write here is just to re-write what had been written by other bloggers before.

Some says Fasha Sandha is home-wrecker. I don't know Fasha Sandha and I haven't watch or listen to any of her movies or songs but she seems so popular in home-wrecking gossip in the blogs and online news.

Talk about husband snatchers. Fasha Sandha is apparently at it again. No, it's not just Datuk S as we had previously posted. The pretty Malaysian actress is said to be the cause behind Nora Danish’s split from her husband of slightly more than a year, Rizal Ashram Tan Sri Ramli (yes, he’s the son of former Perak Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib).

The news about her and Rizal going around like a wild-fire. I can't confirmed it for sure whether or not it is true but this is what had been published in many of the blogsite and online news.

But what set tongues awagging is that Rizal has divorced Nora, the star of TV3’s hit drama series, Puteri while she’s heavily pregnant! Fortunately for Nora, the syariah court has declared the divorce null and void because under the Islamic law, a husband cannot divorce his wife when she’s pregnant. (The baby is due early next year)

So things are still in the pipeline. Rumors are brewing and pretty soon I'm sure it will explode like Merapi volcano. Hot news it is.

Apparently, Fasha and her rumored socialite boyfriend are planning to marry as soon as Rizal-Nora’s divorce proceedings are over. Stay tuned! 

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