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(Photo) A Tougher Hilux With More Balls???

Toyota Hilux 3.0G
UMW Toyota Motor has launched the Toyota Hilux 3.0G Double Cab (A), which sits atop the Hilux range with a RM 106,000 (OTR with insurance) price tag. For the RM 11,000 premium over the 2.5G Double Cab (A), you get the 3.0-liter 1KD-FTV turbodiesel engine with an intercooler, common-rail direct injection and a variable nozzle turbo (VNT), which reduces turbo lag, lowers emissions and improve throttle response.

Paired to a four-speed automatic transmission and 4WD system with rear Limited Slip Differential (LSD), the 3.0-liter turbodiesel unit generates 163 hp at 3400 rpm and 343 Nm between 1400-3200 rpm. By comparison, the 2.5G's 2.5-liter 2KD-FTV common-rail turbodiesel unit produces 102 hp at 3600 rpm and 260 Nm between 1600-2400 rpm.

Appearance-wise, there is little to differentiate the 3.0G except for an air scoop on the bonnet which feeds air to the top-mounted intercooler. The chrome side mirrors are now power-retractable in addition to power-adjustable. Inside, new items include a multi-information display, Toyota's Optitron instrument panel, auto door lock feature, seatbelt reminders and USB audio connectivity.

Despite lacking the power of rival, the locally-assembled Hilux is easily the best-selling truck in Malaysia, commanding 44 percent share of the double-cab truck market. Although a couple of years late, the fully imported from Thailand 3.0G variant can only increase the appeal of the Hilux.

Toyota Hilux 3.0 G Specification
Engine: 2982 cc 4-cylinder turbodiesel
Horsepower: 163hp at 3400rpm
Torque: 345rpm Nm/1400-3200rpm
Transmission: 5-speed manual / 4-speed automatic
0-100 km/hour: 13.44 seconds
Highway fuel consumption / combination: 12.4 / 10.2 km / 1 
P x L x H: 1835 x 5255 x 1820 mm
Wheelbase: 3085 mm

So the new Hilux 3.0G is really got more balls. It looks so attractive but right now I can't afford it. It is good to have items. And the good news is Toyota Hilux 3.0G is already launched in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Good thing for truck lovers.

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