Jumaat, 12 November 2010

(Photo)Fasha Sandha Getting Married - Ready to be step mother!!!

Fasha Sandha Photo
It's an open secret that actress Fasha Sandha is dating Malaysian socialite Toh Muda Rizal Ashram Ramli - fondly known as Jejai - the son of former Perak Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib.

The Cicak Man star has been spotted shopping for children's toys with Jejai, who has a son with his former wife, actress Nora Danish.

According to top Malay entertainment portal murai.com, Fasha likes to frequent the famous toy shop in the city centre, where Jejai usually buys toys for his two-year-old kid.

She even goes there without him, sometimes.

When pressed for comments, Nora, who is reportedly not on good terms with Fasha says, "It's good if she's readying herself for motherhood. But my son doesn't need two mums."

"And no way I'm going to let her get close to my boy for the time being."

Source: dailychilli.com

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