Jumaat, 12 November 2010

(Photos) Michelle Reis expecting baby boy

Michelle Reis
It’s going to be a boy for Michelle Reis.

The long-haired beauty, who is six months pregnant now, revealed this at the launch of a jewellery store in Hong Kong.

Reis, who looked stunning as usual in a yellow tube dress and two-and-half-inch heels, said she has faced no pressure from her in-laws and that they would be happy regardless of the gender of the baby.

Personally, she has always wanted a girl, she said, adding that she has gained over 10 pounds since she announced her pregnancy in August.

It is apparent that the actress is enjoying her pregnancy tremendously and paying no attention to some of the vicious rumours and comments that are going around (such as one that claims that her child would have Down syndrome).

Describing her pregnancy as “God’s gift”, Lee also clarified the rumour that her in-laws are not happy with her idea of doing a nude photoshoot when she is pregnant.

“The photos will not be for the public, so there’s no objection from anyone of the family,” said Reis.
Source: Tungstar

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