(Photos) Sofea Jane in Malaysian International Fashion Alliance (MIFA)

I was looking for 'lirik lagu Sofea Jane' when I stumbbled upon her photos during the recent Malaysian International Fashion Alliance (MIFA) in Kuala Lumpur.

I abandoned my search for her 'lirik lagu Sofea Jane' and read the story further.

It seems she still looks so strikingly beautiful at her age. Now I believe what people always said 'age is just a number' and nothing more than that.

Sofea Jane has been staying just below the entertainment radar so far but I think after this she will resurface and become very popular again. 

I love some of her song that is why I was looking for lirik lagu Sofea Jane online.  Now back in search for lirik lagu Sofea Jane. Enjoy the photos of Sofea Jane in Malaysian International Fashion Alliance (MIFA). Chauuu!!!


  1. she is still gorgeous at her age..:)

  2. Yes she is. That's why I wrote about her in my blog.


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