Sabtu, 6 November 2010

(Photos) Sofea Jane in Malaysian International Fashion Alliance (MIFA)

I was looking for 'lirik lagu Sofea Jane' when I stumbbled upon her photos during the recent Malaysian International Fashion Alliance (MIFA) in Kuala Lumpur.

I abandoned my search for her 'lirik lagu Sofea Jane' and read the story further.

It seems she still looks so strikingly beautiful at her age. Now I believe what people always said 'age is just a number' and nothing more than that.

Sofea Jane has been staying just below the entertainment radar so far but I think after this she will resurface and become very popular again. 

I love some of her song that is why I was looking for lirik lagu Sofea Jane online.  Now back in search for lirik lagu Sofea Jane. Enjoy the photos of Sofea Jane in Malaysian International Fashion Alliance (MIFA). Chauuu!!!

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