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Queen Hotel Keningau Malaysia.

Queen Hotel Keningau
I was on an official trip to Keningau last month. Normally every time I go to Keningau I will stay in Perkasa Hotel but this time I heard that there are new hotel in Keningau by the name Queen Hotel.

Having heard the name, I decided to give it a try. Who knows by staying there I will be able to dream about the Queen of England.

We arrived in Keningau Malaysia at about 5.30 pm and immediately headed for the hotel. We checked in and we were given the room at the first floor. Nice one, since it is only a three floor building and there is no lift services.

The best thing about Queen Hotel in Keningau is there is always a parking space available for you. I think it is due to the fact is the building is a bit away from the Keningau city centre and it is a newly constructed building.
Queen Hotel Keningau - The Lobby

We can see that Keningau city is expanding, its size is getting bigger and more people coming into Keningau Sabah.

The hotel is very clean, facilities are excellent and all in good working order. The receptionists are also cute and friendly. On top of that the room rates are affordable, cheaper than Hotel Juta and Perkasa Hotel of course. 

Right in front of the lobby at the opposite building there is a very good Chinese restaurant. The food there are superb especially the Keningau Taufu. You should try it when you are in Keningau. Unfortunately I forgot the name of the coffee shop but is it located just in front of the Queen Hotel entrance. 

Ok, I heard you screaming 'I want to go to Keningau Sabah'. Well, you are welcome to do so. Make sure you check out Queen Hotel Keningau Malaysia to stay when you are here.

Below is the contact details of Queen Hotel Keningau Sabah.

Lot 1-6, Suria Shopping Centre,
Jalan Masak, 89008 Keningau,
Sabah, Malaysia.

Phone: +60 87 338777 (Hunting line)
Fax: +60 87 333770

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