Selasa, 16 November 2010

Sabah Magic

Have you ever thinking or interested about learning a magic? In fact you are already in the right place to begin your quest to master some magic skills in Sabah. Sabah Magic is one of the most feared magic as we often called it "Black Magic" since the magic mixed with some supernatural elements in it.

Long time ago a friends asked me to tell them more about Sabah Magic. Well, I'm not good in doing any Sabah Magics but I knew where you can learn those magics.

I heard that learning it takes time and it is not as easy as you expected. Sometimes learning Sabah Magic needs some sacrifices from your side. The amount of sacrifices needed is greatly depending on the level of potentness of the magic.

Some of the black magic is about the ability to kill someone without the person knowing it. Sending illness to you through the air or making you love the person with some sort of spells and so on.

In Sabah, the interior part of the state is still feared for its black magic as the people in the interior are still keeping the skills due to some reasons, some for personal protection or may be to be used to take revenge on somebody.

Today, it is no longer referred to as black magic. It is simply a skills without involving some supernatural elements.

I heard there are shops selling Sabah Magic equipments in Kota Kinabalu. I will post it here when I found the complete contact details of the shop.

Sabah magic it is, welcome to the Land Below The Wind.

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