Khamis, 23 Disember 2010

(Hot)Most Searched Keywords in Malaysia REVEALED!!!

Most Searched Keywords in Malaysia 2010We have been trying to compiled the most searched keywords in Malaysia in 2010. Based of the findings, without doubt, sex is the most searched keywords in any countries and on the internet and in Malaysia the same thing prevailed. We noticed that the word sex as one of the tagline.

We found out that many people searching for the most searched keywords in Malaysia and right now we can safely suggest these based on our observations :

gambar lucah
malam pertama
siti nurhaliza
nora danish

To those who wants to bank in on these words to attract search engines, don’t bother. Because your sites cannot place the regular, goody-two shoes advertisements but only the more risque adult ads like Adult Friend Finder like Earl-ku.
And if you are catering to the seks, gambar lucah kind of group, that is morally not right for those people. So, there. The most search words in Malaysia is not necessarily the best paying keywords and the people who search for those words shouldn’t be searching for them in the first place.

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