Jumaat, 31 Disember 2010

Kundasang Hotels Full House

Hotels in Kundasang Ranau.Conference calling companies,Purchase structured settlements,Home owner secured loanIf you are planning to go to Kundasang Ranau and you need a hotel, our advice to you is please call them up and book before you leave home. Sunduvan.com crew was in Kundasang yesterday and looking for a decent room was a nightmare. All the hotels, motels and resorts are fully booked in Kundasang.

We were searching for a room high and low in Kundasang and eventually had to stay in Fairy Garden Resort, a hotel where you can't see the mighty Mount Kinabalu. But we didn't had much choices

Traveling to Kundasang Ranau is quite dangerous at the moment as the fog was very tick. Visibility is very low. We saw one nasty road accident several kilomaters before the junction to Bundutuhan. The vegetables truck landed up side down. Hopefully the driver was safe, we didn't stop to see it. The tow truck and about 10 people was there.

This holiday season, Kundasang is one of a very popular place to visit and getting a hotel room is very hard. Once again please secure your hotel booking before you leave home to avoid trouble of not getting any room.

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