(Photo)Lisa Surihani Covergirl for Cosmopolitan Magazine 2011 Edition

Lisa Surihani Cosmopolitan covergirl, Mizz Nina FHM covergirl 2011Lisa Surihani is the covergirl for Cosmopoiltan Magazine for 2011 edition. It seems many of magazine producers are trying to capitalizing on beautiful girl to be their magazine covergirl for 2011.

Lisa Surihani is not the only one, as Mizz Nina is also one of the best choice for magazine covergirl for 2011.

Since we are interested and the fan of both Lisa Surihani and Mizz Nina, that made it difficult for us to choose which magazine to buy.

Ohh well..we will buy both magazine Lisa Surihani on Cosmopolitan and Mizz Nina as covergirl on FHM magazine.
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