Sabtu, 18 Disember 2010

(Video)Marisa Tomei Nude On Youtube???

When I was told that there is a Marisa Tomei nude on youtube today, I knew it was just another online wild gossip going around in the internet. I think it was due to the fact that there is a sudden increase in online searches about Marisa Tomei and people especially bloggers are trying to capitalise the trend to cook up all sort of stories about Marisa Tomei.

I did my own little invistagation through google and I found out that certain keywords related to Marisa Tomei was being used dramatically in the past a few hours. Those keywords are 'my cousin vinny', Jeo Pesci', 'home alone' and 'macaulay culkin'. I don't have much time to investigate those keywords about how they related to Marisa Tomei by I think it is something to do with movie which Marisa Tomei involved in it.

I used up some a good 20 minutes to visit around youtube to verify the news about Marisa Tomei nude on youtube. After which I was fully convinced that there is no such items in the youtube. I found one clip here and I don't it is about Marisa Tomei nude on youtube. You be the judge.

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