College Loan Refinance for Students

Hi people, I am back in Kota Kinabalu. I reached home around 9.30pm feeling like I need to hit the bed early this time. Thanks for being here in my personal blog. This time we need to talk about College Loan Refinance or CLF. I think most of us here have some loans to service and one of those loans probably your college loan.

The reason why we need to talk about college loan refinance this time is because some of us got some problem in servicing our college loan. I hope you still remember about my blog post about the similar topic not so long ago. Just in case you missed it, just click here.

Now the most interesting part is you can actually refinance your college loan. I will show you why and how to get a  refinance for your college loan. Hopefully the issues about college loan will not be a big problem to you anymore after this.

So you will probably will ask why we need to get our college loan refinanced? The answer is very simple. The main reason why we need to refinance our college loan is to reduce the loan payments that you are now required to pay.  You can do that by reducing the interest rate or by extending the period of your loan. If given a choice lowering your interest rate is usually the best choice.

You have some option in getting a refinance for your student loan. Those option are standard repayment plans, extended repayment plans, graduated repayment plans, and income contingent repayment plans are just a few of the options for refinancing. So I think it is important that you fully understand the details and benefits of each student loan refinance options and know which one is the best choice for you.

What are the tips and guidelines in getting your college loans refinance are as follows;

1. Separate your government students loans and private loans such as house loan, car loan, credit cards and so on. The reason why is that government loan for student is normally at lower interest rates than private loans. It will be easier for you to move to the next steps once those loans are separated.

2. Having a good credit history is a must here. If you always fail to services your other loans it is most likely you will not getting a college loan refinance from any financial institutions. Get a copy of your credit history from your respective loans financier.

3. The most important thing is you must do some research about the financial company where you intend to get your college loan refinance. Make sure they are reliable and have your best interest.  Different lenders have varying rates. It is in your best interest to look around and see who has the best terms.

Now that you have some knowledge about how to get a college loan refinance you should wait no more. Get your ass moving and do those steps above to get a refinance for you student loan. It is up to you now to do it. Remember the most important thing is to do your  research before making any decision in your quest to get a college loan refinance

How to find Padlocks Specialist

Last week I had a little problem with the gate of my house. I left my house's key in somewhere and couldn't get it. I have spare key in the house but first I need to enter the house to take it. I didn't know any padlocks specialist in my area to undone the huge padlocks on my house's gate. My housemate was away on a week trip and I couldn't contact them. 

Well, I am not planning to sleep outside the house. So I called my friends to take a look at my padlocks problem and you know what was the solution they gave me?

They ask for my permisson to break the padlocks. Anyway, I can't blame them as they are not a padlocks specialist who can do the job properly. There you go, my padlocks was remove, cut into half and I got to buy a new padlocks for my gate and duplicate the keys for the other house members.

If you are in my case what will you do? Do the same thing like what I did or getting some helps from the real padlocks specialist. If you are to find the specialist for padlocks how are you going to do it?

There are several ways how you can do it. 

1. You can find your yellow pages and look for locksmith specialist in your area. Give them a call and explain your problem, ask them to come right away. Off course they will charge you some good fees but your case is a special case anyway.

2. Get internet access and look for padlocks specialist or locksmiths specialist in your area. I am not sure in your area but in my place there are many and their address and contact numbers are available online. You can give them a call to solve your padlocks or house locks problem.

3. Break your gate or door with huge axe. Axe them down but make sure you replace them as soon as possible and also don't do it if you are just renting other people's house or apartment. I would not recommend this method for you although I did it once long time ago. Hahaha

So the next time you encounter the same problem please follow the step number 1 and 2 above. They sure are useful to solve your padlocks or home locks problems. Getting a padlocks specialist is not a very difficult thing to do nowadays.

Tawau City the gateway to Sipadan Mabul Resort

Hi people, it is me again. In my previous blog post I was in English Tea House and Restaurant in Sandakan. Today, I am in Tawau City the gateway to Sipadan Mabul Resort. I took a bus from Sandakan terminal bus this morning at 7.30 am and reached Tawau city around 2.00 am. It was about 8 hours journey.

Anyway, I am writing this blog post from my room Monaco Dynasty Hotel in the city center of Tawau. I still trying to figure out why the name of this hotel is Monaco Dynasty Hotel. May be the owner of this hotel loves Monaco so much. 

The reason why I am in Tawau is because there is some works that need to be done tomorrow. It is an official trip but hell..why on Sunday. As you know Sunday is the time people use it to take a rest at home and not somewhere away from home to do works.

By the way for those of you who don't know how to get to Tawau city the gateway to Sipadan Mabul Resort, I am here to tell you how.

1. You can get here in Tawau by flight from Kota Kinabalu. It will takes you around an hour to get here. 

2. You can take a bus from Kota Kinabalu long haul bus terminal in Inanam to get here and the journey will takes you around 12 hours or more.

3. You can run, walk from wherever you are now to come here. I wouldn't recommend this one to you.

Once you are here in Tawau City, ask the taxi driver to send you to the Jetty where you can get a speed boat to Sipadan. I am very tired, need to catch some sleep so this will have to stop right here. Take care and see you soon.

English Tea House and Restaurant Sandakan

Hi people,

I am so sorry for not been able to make any blog post. I love blogging but not crafting a blog post. So at the moment I am in Sandakan, Right now I am sitting here in English Tea House and Restaurant located on top of the hill overlooking the city of Sandakan. 

If you happen to be here and you are looking for a peaceful place to have internet access, you should come here. The have a fast wireless internet connection here and it is so peaceful. You are very closed to the city yet you feel like you are alone in the jungle.

May be this is what the real feeling of what we called making money online from the rainforest in Borneo.

All the table are nearby power socket where you can plug on your cable should your computer run out of battery. So you can be here for hours without having to worry about internet connection and power supply.

Behind this Sandakan English Tea House and Restaurant is Agnes Kieth House a  museum. I haven't been to Agness Kieth house as I am not the type of person who loves to visit museum. May bad. Maybe I should get a girlfriend who loves museum to take me along with her. Haha.

I took some pictures but I forgot to bring my cable to download those pictures into my computer. I will upload them once I got back to Kota Kinabalu.

Anyway here is the address and contact number of English Tea House and Restaurant in Sandakan. Jalan Istana 90000 Sandakan, Sabah 089-222544 or you can visit their website at
Well folks, I got to go. I need to update my real online money machine. is my personal blog and this is not my online money machine. I did them separately because for some reason of which I will explain in the future. This blog is just a place for my to share my ideas, information, thought, opinions and so on.

How to attend Anak Bangsa Malaysia Roadshow

I think this is the best news for us Sabahan and Sarawakian. Anak Bangsa Malaysia will be held here in Sabah on Saturday at the Beverly Hotel in Karamunsing. As for how to attend Anak Bangsa Malaysia Roadshow, you can register by sending email to the organizer at or give them a call at  03-20950435.

There will be several speakers that will speak in the roadshow namely Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan whom will talk on the
Federation of Malaysia 20-Point Agreement and  screening of the "Perak Crisis". I think this is the main thing of the event as most of us the young generation does not aware about the fact that Sabah is not one of the state (like Selangor, Melaka etc) but we are partner in the formation of Malaysia. Our status is at the same level as Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia)   and we should not confuse ourselves with that very important fact.

A few other prominent figure that also presenting talks at the roadshow, beginning at 6pm, were Haris Ibrahim, Dr Chong Eng Leong, Hasbeemasputera and Jayanath Appudurai. This even is very important and interesting. We all should attend it. I will attend it for sure.

How to attract googlebot to your blog contents

Setting up a blog is very easy. You just need to register with blogspot or wordpress. The main problem is how to get your blog indexed faster by google the main search engine in the internet. Yesterday a friend of mine asked me how to attract googlebot to blog contents in his blog. I will try to answer that question here.

I am not an SEO expert. I am just another Rungus an indeginous people live in North Borneo trying to make money online through blogging. But I will try to answer the question on how to attract  googlebot to blog contents in your blog.

You need googlebot to crwal to your blog so that your blog will get indexed much quicker. So how to attract the googlebot to your blog is by writing a good blog post. Whenever you are writing a blog post make sure you keep in mind this three types of googlebots. I will explain those three types of googlebot below.

1. Googlebot #1: Search
Googlebot #search is Google's main crawler 'reads' your articles, and helps decide how they will show up in search results. A "how to" article that shows up in common searches, and ranks high in search results, is going to get a lot more visibility on the internet than a more obscure, lower-ranking article.

Writing for the search bot is a matter of selecting the best keywords to clearly define your topic, using the keywords in recommended ways (such as including them in titles, and opening paragraphs) and keeping a pretty tight focus on your major themes.

2. Googlebot #2: Adsense
If you are posting your content at a site, like that displays Adsense ads, then you also have to consider the entirely separate Adsense bot that is also reading your content.

Unlike Bot #1, the Adsense bot is focused strictly on things being advertised, which, for the most part, are things being sold in everyday commerce.

Often, the priorities of the search bot and the Adsense bot are pretty much the same. Let's say you're writing an article on buying a car in Los Angeles. Both bots will hone in on keywords like "cars" and "Los Angeles", and respond with appropriate search results, as well as ads for car dealers in L.A.

But let's say your article is on Existentialism. The search bot will have no problem with this, identifying the main topic and then classifying and ranking your article appropriately.

But what about the Adsense bot? Not too many people are shopping for Existentialism! In this case, it pays to mention specific books (to attract book ads) or universities (to attract college ads) or other terms that have a more product-focused orientation.

3. Googlebot #3: The Mystery bot
Bot #3 has nothing to do with Google. In fact, it's not even really a bot. The third audience for your article is YOU. All of you! People!

Ever come across a spammy site that is nothing but snippets from articles, lists of keywords, and ads? Sure you have. This is a site designed solely for bots #1 and #2, without caring a fig for the human beings who stumble across the site.

But search engines are getting smarter and smarter and recognizing junk, and zeroing in on the content that people -- human being bots -- actually want to read. If your article makes people say, "Dang, I'm emailing this to my mom", or "I've got to bookmark this one", then you've got a quality article that is going to build backlinks, rise higher in search results, and attract more viewers.

So that is how you attract googlebot to your blog post in your blog. You will just need to manipulate the three types of googlebots so that they comes to your blog and get your blog indexed faster. How to make money from googlebots? Read on in my future blog post.

Energy Attack in Sabah

The Daily Express one of the most popular newspaper in Sabah carries this story on the front page today. It is about the State Industrial Development Minister Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah was screaming about energy plan is not only needed but he said, it is urgent. It is about life and dead.

We are now in the month of March 2010. We have gone through a couple of celebrations and during the festive season it was reported in the newspaper that  there are many road accidents. Many people died on the road. Do you think solving the problem of people losing their life on the road is not urgent that doesn't merit some scream about a a plan to a safer road system? May be a good public transport in Kota Kinabalu to encourage people to use public transport. Why nobody scream on the front page of the Daily Express on this? 

Now let talk about drought season. The vegetables behind my house is dying. I watered it everyday without fail but it still losing its life span. It is because the temperature is too hot and the fragile little young plant does not stand a chance against the burning sun. Not so long ago, about 30 years ago, it was not so hot compared to now. May be I know why. Our rainforest is  being wiped out. The rainforest is being raped mercilessly all the time and only handful of people are reaping the benefit from it while all of us shared the impacts. We are facing an eminent global warming. Don't you think by now these people should scream on the front page of the Daily Express to stop the on-going logging activities in the forest and everyone must plant some trees?

Well, I remember we had some trees around Kota Kinabalu City. Those trees are big and gives some cooling effects.  They are mostly all gone now replaced by bougainvillea ( I don't think the spelling is correct. Hahaha). I believe many more trees will be chopped down to ensure somebody got the contract in the name of city beautification.

I did not read the entire story about the energy plan needed urgently. I don't think you should read it to know the real issues. It is because, the real issues here is about proper system in maintaining our existing energy facilities. Those black-outs we are experiencing now is not because the energy is not sufficient. It is because those energy-producing facilities are poorly maintained, low quality, outdated and as a result those are not functioning in a good working order.

So who is the first group  of people we should turn to? Let have a report card for the management of SESB. Let have a details checklist on SESB. You will at no time stumble upon many many things. I don't think I should list them down here. But if some of you have some ideas please list them down in the comment section in this blog.

So I think only after those are properly checked, organized and taken care for, then we can scream  about other things including exploring other option to generate more energy for the industries.

Maybe all the government departments must settle  their energy bills to SESB as soon as possible? Should we scream on the front page on this too? I think we should. It is because those millions ringgit government debt to SESB is one of the contributing factor why SESB cannot afford to buy a a new (not secondhand equipments like in Sandakan) and high quality equipments. 

I don't think we need the Coal Power Plant in Lahad Datu to generate energy. That is only a reason to  channel the money to award a big contract job to a handful of people.

Online Affiliate Marketing for Rungus

I had a nice and constructive chat with one of the Rungus former YB. I was asked how much online money generated from my blog. My answer was, my blog was able to generate some money that I think enough to pay  my Telekom internet and phone bill, electricity bill and some money to buy additional devices for my laptop.

Seriously that is not big enough if you ask me or if I to give you a damn honest answer. The question is why I am doing this? It is my hobby and I just want to see how far I can go in online affiliate marketing.

Well, in affiliate marketing I'm promoting several easy to promote products and services and  one of them that I promoting  online heavily at the moment is MyLikes. I think everyone can do it and it is the most popular affiliate program at the moment.  It pays $ 0.20 per click.

At the end of the chat I was requested to share the knowledge with my fellow Rungus people. The former YB said, it should be nice if such knowledge is shared so that many more Rungus people can get involved in marketing  business online.

I have no problem and sharing my my knowledge in online affiliate marketing with anyone especially the Rungus people. The only problem is, are you willing to learn? It took me a damn very long time to get to where I'm now and it was not easy nor free. 

I subscribed to huge numbers of blog posts from other bloggers, spent alot of money buying e-books and spent huge amount of time fine-tuning my money making blogs. I tell you honestly, it wasn't easy and it was damn painful as well.

So if I to give you my knowledge in online affiliate marketing or a knowledge about basic tips and tricks on making money online, I want to make sure that I am not just wasting my time. I only teaching people who are seriously willing to learn.

So I am still thinking about the proposal about organizing a class on how to do some basic e-commerce. I don't think I should do it as soon as possible. 

Anyway, I will have an interview session with our former YB  on issues related to Rungus people very soon. I will publish the interview here in my blog. So make sure you keep sticking your head around into my blog to get the latest updates.

How to make money with

I stumbled upon a social network where you can chat with random people around the world called My online friend introduced Chatroulette .com to me and I immediately bookmarked that site as I can foresee that I can make money with
In the beginning out of curiosity I joined the network just to see how I can use chatroulette to make money online. I noticed that there will be 20000 users online on chatroulette all the time.
So how exactly you can make money from chatroulette? I don’t think you need rocket scientist to figure out about how to make money with chatroulette. If you have a blog or a website and for you to make money from your blog or website you need visitor.  This social chat site can provide you with unlimited free traffic to your blog.
You can make money by getting traffic from There will be 20000 users online all the time, all you should do it to talk or chat with them for very short period of time and promote the link to your website or your blog.
The users in this social chat network are where the money making potential is. All you need to do it to go there and start promoting your blog or website.
In case, the money making potential comes from the size of its members. And to most online investors, it is always the number of traffic that matter. And chatroulette promise you just that, a possible huge traffic to your website or blog. Nobody is interested at an empty room. Online or internet entrepreneurs favour crowded rooms where the crowds can be converted into paying customers. Way to go in making money with

The simple lesson in this case is that, your site can make money so long as you can attract the traffic. And you can do it right here. No login ID or password is required to join this social chat site. How much money your site can generate will depended on the size of your visitors (or readers) and popularity.

My Marketing Mentor Zig Ziglar

I watched this video clip countless of time already. But each time, I found something  new  that I should apply in my daily life as a marketer. 

Some people thinks that marketing job is not interesting and the pressure is tremendous. I agree with the later one. Marketing is a very challenging job but it is interesting. You will have to meet many people, as many as possible, to convince them that your product is good for them and they must have it, a marketer will have to hit sales target daily, weekly, monthly and yearly and you need to have unlimited energy, your endurance level must be high to keep you going. So marketing job is indeed a very tough one, that is why only the tough can do it better.

Well, I am not that tough yet but I will soon. Sometimes I feel like to drop everything and do something else like administrative job or something not related to marketing. But then, you cannot run away from marketing. In fact everyone is salesman. When you are telling something so somebody, with hope that the person respond, actually that is part of marketing. You are marketing the ideas, or your opinion on something, or your experience (good or bad) and so on.

So you see, even a kid when he or she tells some friends about his or her new bicycle, you are marketing the idea about the beauty of having a bycle with hope your friends will buy a bycle and cycle around with you. Or you are telling some joke to your friends and you hope to be able to make them laugh, you are actually already involve in marketing which is to convince them to laugh with your joke, otherwise if they  don't YOU FAIL!

The only different between you and us (who took marketing as profession) is we have a target to reach. We need to do it and be able to reach the given target by all means. While you don't have to, nobody will give you a warning or show-caused  letter for not been able to make people laugh with your joke.

Since everyone is born as salesman, I have an awesome video clip of Zig Ziglar below. I hope you will enjoy watching it. See you at the top.

Is Rich PTC An Online Scam?

I don't really like to write about this here in my blog because I know many of you out there is the member of RICH PTC. I for some reason don't feel the need to stop all this excitement that going around to make money with Rich PTC, an online advertising program where you can make money simply by click the links in Rich PTC website.

Getting paid to click some links is a very good way to make money online. Everybody can do it and it is very easy. Rich PTC promised to paying you USD 1.00 for each click.

Now wait a minute guys, before you jump with gun blazing, ready to become a member, make those clicks, make money online, sponsoring friends to join and laughing all the way to the bank, you should at least make some research first.

A friend of mine sent the link and she asked me to join today. After reading through the website, I decided to signed up anyway, but at the same time something disturb my mind. Why is this Rich PTC is paying USD 1.00 for every click. They must be  one hell of a very rich company to be able to pay that amount for all those clicks. Ok, I know you are going to say "actually it is not Rich PTC's money that are being used to pay the members but the advertiser". You are 100% correct there, but still, how many advertisers are willing to pay that amount for every click? Put yourself as advertiser and ask yourself, am I willing to pay USD 1.00 per click?

I use google adwords in promoting my other money making website and product online, and as far as I remember I never set the price to be more than USD 0.25 per click. Some keywords are expensive due to its popularity and competition and normally I will avoid that keywords. The point here is any right minded advertiser will go for the lowest rate possible for every click. Paying USD 1.00 per click is something doesn't  really make sense to me.

Since I am already the member of this Rich PTC, I have the right to tell you my opinion about it. But guys, before that let me take you to a couple of forums that I think something to do with Rich PTC. Let see what they got to say about Rich PTC. You can go here, here and here.

The reputation of Rich PTC is not so good so far. There are so many bad feedback all over the internet about members not getting any money from Rich PTC.

So if you ask me, I will say "don't waste your time clicking and promoting Rich PTC". That is my conclusion for this issue.