College Loan Refinance for Students

Hi people, I am back in Kota Kinabalu. I reached home around 9.30pm feeling like I need to hit the ... READ MORE>>>

How to find Padlocks Specialist

Last week I had a little problem with the gate of my house. I left my house's key in somewhere and couldn't get it. I have spare ke... READ MORE>>>

Tawau City the gateway to Sipadan Mabul Resort

Hi people, it is me again. In my previous blog post I was in English Tea House and Restaurant in Sandakan . Today, I am in Tawau City the g... READ MORE>>>

English Tea House and Restaurant Sandakan

Hi people, I am so sorry for not been able to make any blog post. I love blogging but not crafting a blog post. So at the moment I am in... READ MORE>>>

How to attend Anak Bangsa Malaysia Roadshow

I think this is the best news for us Sabahan and Sarawakian. Anak Bangsa Malaysia will be held here... READ MORE>>>

How to attract googlebot to your blog contents

Setting up a blog is very easy. You just need to register with blogspot or wordpress . The main pr... READ MORE>>>

Energy Attack in Sabah

The Daily Express one of the most popular newspaper in Sabah carries this story on the front page t... READ MORE>>>

Online Affiliate Marketing for Rungus

I had a nice and constructive chat with one of the Rungus former YB. I was asked how much online mo... READ MORE>>>

How to make money with

I stumbled upon a social network where you can chat with rand... READ MORE>>>

My Marketing Mentor Zig Ziglar

I watched this video clip countless of time already. But each time, I found something  new  that I should apply in my daily life as a marke... READ MORE>>>

Is Rich PTC An Online Scam?

I don't really like to write about this here in my blog because I know many of you out there is... READ MORE>>>

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