Ahad, 23 Januari 2011

Blog RotiKaya A Top Blog Gossip Blog In Malaysia???

Blog RotiKaya the best Malaysian celebrity gossipI don't know why but whenever I want to look for some Malaysian Celebrity Gossip, Blog Rotikaya is a blog that I will go. It seems Blog Rotikaya is one of the most updated gossip blog in Malaysia. There are many gossip blog in Malaysia but nothing as good as Blog RotiKaya.

Blog Rotikaya has been around for quite sometimes now. Currently the blog is enjoying Google PageRanking (PR 2), not bad for a gossip blog. One this for sure Blog RotiKaya is updates daily with new gossip items.

I was thinking whether or not Blog RotiKaya is really making the money or not. I made some research on RotiKaya Blog and found out that indeed this blog is making some money. I'm not going to reveal how the blog makes money but it is.

To Blog RotiKaya team, I hope you guys keep going on. You guys are the best in gossip blog in Malaysia.

2 ulasan:

  1. The mechanism of profiting wants to know me.

  2. It is a great blog.
    Moreover, it comes for play.


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