Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

Email Asking For Gmail Profile Update

I received this email a moment ago. If you ever have it in your inbox please, please, please ignore it. That email is not from Google or Gmail team but from online scammer. All they want to accomplished is to get your login name and password and after that they use it to get into your e-mail and look for any login name and password for other thing like paypal, egold, Liberty Reserve, banking account and many more.

The e-mail I received a moment ago is right below this. Take a good look and remember not to fall into this trick.

Sorry, we appear to have an error in our database regarding the time span of the Alley 2011 temperature and accumulation data. We have migrated through several versions of databases with different software. Now the Google Team want you to feed us back with your logon information for verification and to protect your Account server on the new database software.

Account Name:


Present Location:

Note: You will automatically lose your account permanently if your details are not received immediately for this verification purpose. We apologise for any inconveniencies. The Security of your Account is our ultimate goal.
Google Team Customer Care department. All Rights Reserved.
Imagine if they do e-mail blast to let say 200,000 people, for sure somebody will fall into this trick and give away their login name and password. Please be extra careful if you receive this e-mail. It is internet scam and just ignore it. Google will never send this kind of e-mail to get your gmail profile updates.

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