Jumaat, 21 Januari 2011

Guppy Fish (Ikan Gapi) My New Pet At Home

Guppy fish Ikan Gapi in MalaysiaI bought a couple of colorful and beautiful Guppy Fish, in Malaysia known as Ikan Gapi from my colleague today. I never ever dreamed about having a Guppy fish at home before but after so many of my friends got Guppy fish as a pet at home, Finally I gave in and bought a pair of Guppy fish for myself.

One thing for sure I will need to learn how to keep them alive. I heard Guppy fish is a very fragile creature, easily die. So I got one more new thing to care for at home. I hope my Ikan Gapi is not going to die so soon. Finger crossed...

Guppy fish is a tropical fresh water fish but it is a fish that are very sensitive to its surrounding so much so that even adding water into the Guppy fish tank requires some knowledge to do it. Obviously, water from the tap is fine but you will need to leave it exposed for a couple of days to let the chlorine evaporates otherwise it will kill the Gapi fish if you use it right away.

Tomorrow I am going to find some object to put into my glass-jar to ensure my Guppy fish live happily. May be some colorful little stones or something. I' enjoying watching my Guppy fish swimming around next to my laptop at the moment. I will do my best to ensure my Guppy fish or Ikan Gapi will stay alive.

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