Rabu, 5 Januari 2011

KAMI Raja Lawak Season 5, 2011

Raja Lawak KAMI musim ke-5The participants for Raja Lawak Season 5, year 2011 is already finalised. There are women participants this time and named the group as KAMI. I personally particularly interested and paying much attention to KAMI as having women participants in Raja Lawak is something new.

I believe KAMI Raja Lawak season 5 will do their best to come out as the winner for Raja Lawak 5, 2011. All the best for them and hope they perform well.

KAMI Facebook is available. I'm one of the first 10 members in KAMI Facebook. Support KAMI Raja Lawak 5 by becoming a member in their facebook. It is very simple, just click the button 'like' to become the KAMI Facebook fan member.

Good luck KAMI Raja Lawak season 5 year 2011.

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