Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Kionsom Waterfall Inanam or Kionsom Baru Tamparuli

Kionsom Waterfall Inanam and Kampung Kionsom Baru TamparuliWhen I first heard about Kampung Kionsom Baru, I thought it is a village located in Inanam or perhaps a village within the vicinity of Kionsom Waterfall in Inanam. I visited both Kionsom Waterfall and Kampung Kionsom Baru.

Kampung Kionsom Baru is a village located in Tamparuli and Kionsom Waterfall is located in Inanam. So it is very obvious that the two so called Kionsoms are located in a two different places, far away to each other. However both Kionsoms are beautiful sites, Kionsom Waterfall in Inanam is famous for its waterfall and Kionsom Baru is a village on top of a hill overlooking Tuaran city and Tamparuli city.

Now, after this there is no more reason why one can't differentiate the different between the two Kionsoms which is Kionsom waterfall in Inanam and Kampung Kionsom Baru in Tamparuli Sabah. You guys should visit both Kionsoms to enjoy the beauty of the nature.
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